Iphone: Color of Money

Last night I was hanging around on the private roof terrace of of my new $22M penthouse apartment at 100 11th Ave. By private, I mean private. Not private from just the filthy masses, but private from the wannabes living on the lower floors. You see this entire roof is all miiiiiine! Its a tad on the small side, but I suppose it may just be big enough to land the helicopter in a pinch for the ride out East to the beach house.

As I was sipping my wine and enjoying the gentle breezes, I had a fleeting thought. Wouldn't it be nice to give "real folks" a glimpse into something they couldn't possibly understand---what its like to walk in my shoes and see the world through my eyes.

So here it is, and trust me when I say this--just this small fraction of the 360 degree view from my terrace may be more than you can handle. Please don't hate me. I cannot help the gifts that allow me this luxurious lifestyle. I am who I am and being me is just as much a curse as it is a blessing.

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