High Line: Git R Done

The High Line, due to the intricate and labor-intensive nature of its construction, is the closest you can possibly get these days to being hand-built. There are no paving machines, no climbing masts, and little crane work. You don't see "a floor per day" like you do in high rise construction. In fact, on many days the untrained eye would have trouble discerning any progress at all. But a lot happens in a day and most of the battles are small ones. A few dozen pavers are lifted into place with sheer muscle power at one end while skilled hands lay down a hundred feet of weld at the other. Seemingly little efforts add up to a project that moves forward slowly but steadily. Here's a pictorial tribute to the men and women that are up on the line through rain and snow and wind building your future park--piece by piece, day by day, year by year (all shot in 2010).

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