Vintage Camera: Nikon F100

I was just saying a few posts ago that it had been a long time since I posted any videos. You know what? Its been even longer (I think) since I posted a new vintage camera. That being said, I return with a blockbuster! Just purchased using my secret (not anymore) Ebay bidding strategy of mostly bidding on auctions that end on or around holidays when people are gathered together far from their screens, I picked up this juicy Nikon F100 for $125 a few days back. Widely considered to be one of the best ever film SLR cameras and the more affordable version of the legendary F5, I'm pretty stoked to add one to the arsenal for those days when I feel like getting back to basics and "regressing" to film.


Video: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is a legend, a character, and a long-time photographer for the New York Times. If you haven't already seen the wonderful, award-winning documentary about him called Bill Cunningham New York, here is the trailer.


Video: Conservation Photography

Wow, it certainly has been a while since I posted a Friday video. Realizing this fact, I promptly went out and dug up a few you must see. Here's the first one:

On how photographers can make a difference: all about the emerging genre of "conservation photography", with tragic and beautiful images from all around this wonderful world.


World Trade Center: Down in the Pit/Up in the Tower

I'm finally getting somewhere with the images I shot in this fall with the Hasselblad H4D-40. This first set is from my visit to the World Trade Center construction site, where I had the pleasure of slogging through the pit and climbing the towers with Michael Calcagno, digital media consultant for Silverstein Properties. I decided to work the extremes for this shoot, using the H4D-40 and my Polaroid Sun 660. Many more Hassy images to come in the following weeks...


WTC x Polaroid x Impossible

Not many posts last week which usually means I had a busy couple of days--in this case, lots of shoots and lots of retouching (groan). I had the Hassy for the week (!) and took it to the wilds of High Line section 3 and the World Trade Center construction site (I'll post those soon enough...). For now, here are a few Polaroids, also from the WTC shoot.

High Line: Campaign for the High Line

The High Line's latest fundraising booklet includes one of my all-time favorite High Line people watching photos (even though I kick myself every time I see it for not removing that white bag by their feet!).


High Line Section 3

In light of the two pieces of good news related to Section 3 of the High Line that came in the past week, I thought it was high time to preview some work in progress...one of my Section 3 shots from a few weeks back.