Gritty HLHQ Work

I've been spending a lot of time over at the High Line HQ construction site as of late.  Great little building, and the thing is going up fast!  Yesterday was a big day on site as the crew received and installed a monster plate-girder!  The girder came in on a two-day wide load truck trip from Lancaster PA.  It overnighted in Jersey and then came across the GW Bridge and down Broadway(!) after midnight accompanied by two escort vehicles, 10 police cars, and four tow trucks (you never know when you're gonna have to move some cars out of the way).  The girder is one hundred+ feet long, features 4 inch thick flanges, and starred in a brief photoshoot with Jason Sudeikis from SNL before being lifted into place.  Here are some photos I took of the girder and the job site yesterday.


Architectural Interiors: Sullivan NYC

Here are some selections from an architectural interiors commission I just finished.  The architect is Joeb + Partners, one of my favorites, out of Greenwich, CT.  The office space is for Sullivan NYC.  What a great office Sullivan has, right over the High Line on 14th Street in the heart of the Meatpacking District.  The space itself is bathed in natural light and is finished in simple rustic materials. 


High Line HQ Steel

Last post was all about the concrete.  Now, here's the steel.  It is amazing how fast a good crew can throw up a building.  I watched the steel delivery and the erection of most of the columns and first floor in the space of a few hours!  I also learned a little bit that I surprising didn't know from all my years in engineering.  I always wondered about all the miscellanous holes that the beams had--those other than ones for bolts.  Now I know that these holes are used to attach safety cables allowing the ironworkers to always be close to a tie off point.  It was also super cool to see the guys climb columns to get to the 2nd floor steel.  Definitely talented and skilled work.


High Line HQ Concrete

A few weeks back I shot the big concrete pour for the slab-on-grade over at High Line HQ.  It was a great day to shoot too--lots of blue sky, some clouds--dramatic colors and lighting for sure.  Days like these are great because there's always action somewhere on the site.  Check out these photos and more over on the High Line Blog.


High Line HQ Bridge

Wow, what's happening to the time?!  I've been absolutely swamped lately.  Lots of work is a good thing for sure but it has kept me from my usual updates here on the blog.  I'm returning from my absence with a post about a temporary structure.  Its kind of utilitarian--its, well, a sidewalk bridge.  As you may be aware, my good friends over at the High Line are working away on a little HQ building sandwiched between the park and the new downtown Whitney Museum.  As the building rises to the level of the park, a protective barrier was needed to protect the public.  It also give the public and opportunity to safely view the ongoing work on the HQ and Whitney.  Here are some photographs of the bridge, which includes a short history of the High Line featuring a few of my photos!