ENR Best Construction Photography 2013

One of my photographs of the ongoing work on Governors Island has been named by Engineering News Record as a best construction photograph of 2013--woo-hoo!  Here's a link.

Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse in Arch Record

The Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse that I photographed for Beyer Blinder Belle Architects is featured in the February 2014 issue of Architectural Record.  The accompanying web article is here

The multi-year, $314M upgrade and restoration brought the 1936-completed Cass Gilbert-designed masterpiece into the 21st century looking and functioning better than ever.

For me as a photographer, the photographs (only some are shown here) are the result of one of my largest and most complicated productions to date.  Covering the 611,000 sq ft, 31 story building inside and out with tenants including Federal and State Courts, the US Marshall Services and others in just over two days of shooting required a laser-focused approach, marathon stamina, and extraordinary amounts of coordination and cooperation.  Each shot required special permissions from various jurisdictions regarding content and scheduling as the building was in use (court was in session) and certain areas were only accessible at certain times during the shoot.

It was an honor and a challenge and I'm thrilled the project is now getting such good press.