Hasselblad H4D-40: East Pier

Friday, July 23, 2010.
The alarm clock goes off with a buzz and I roll out of bed. After shaking off last night's sleep, the realization hits me--big day today! I've got a very important shoot (or so I think) in a few hours...

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Hasselblad H4D-40 NYC Featured Photographer for July-August

I have the good fortune to have been selected by the kind folks at Hasselblad as New York City's H4D-40 featured photographer for July-August. For a month starting now, I am in possession of a brand new H4D-40 and have been tasked with putting the camera through its paces as I go about my shooting. Over the year, there will be 12 featured photographers as part of "join.shoot.share" program here in NYC. I'm the third shooter. At the end of the 12 months, Hasselblad will be giving one of us of the camera. For keeps.

As part of my drive to bring home the Hasselblad, I will be shooting with the camera and posting images and stories to the HassyNYC website. So head on over there, see what I'm up to, and leave some comments!

I've never shot medium format or Hasselblad before, but I'm excited to do both for the first time in such a big way.

Special thanks to Jim Rooney from Hasselblad for trusting this butterfingers with your gear and Elizabeth Stacy from Fotocare in NYC for the crash course in using the camera and software.


Blue Sky Heaven

Shot and processed with the Iphone.

Today, I am visiting and shooting in a very special place. A place steeped in tragedy, heroics, and redemption. I am full of nervous anticipation. What will I see? What will I feel?

More next week...



Inky Italiano

Italy, 2005. Boats and cars. Nothing like gondolas and old Fiats.


Floating Pool Lady: Part 3

If you get a chance, have a swim at the Floating Pool Lady. I promise you that it is an experience you will not forget. This year, I believe it is docked at Barretto Point Park in the Bronx.

I hope these posts helped you at least feel cooler!


Hersheypark Amusement Ride Study

A Park for Workers

From the moment he created his community, Milton S. Hershey planned to build a park to create a more pleasant environment for workers and residents than any typical factory town of the time.

In 1903, even though Hershey's Mennonite mother thought his idea was frivolous, he proceeded to survey a site along Spring Creek suitable for his park. On April 24, 1907, Hershey Park opened with a baseball game played on the new athletic field as Mr. Hershey and his wife, Catherine, watched from the grandstand.

Hershey Park's original appeal was its simplicity. An ideal spot for picnicking, boating, and canoeing, the Park was landscaped with graceful trees and wooded groves that provided a shady retreat for thousands of people without being crowded. The original main buildings, a rustic bandstand and pavilion, served as a stage for vaudeville and theatre productions.

--From Hershey, PA website


Iphone: Mean Streets

The mean, hot streets of Times Square, New York City. Shot and processed with the Iphone.


High Line Snow Angel

From the High Line, February, 2008. I wish I could do this again right now!


Happy Birthday, USA

Here's a oldie but a goodie, a shot I took for the Nikon D80 campaign. I was at my in-laws for the weekend and trying to find an interesting way to shoot the flag that they had on the side of the house, I decided to get inside it and wrap it around the camera. I shot four variations as the wind blew, I moved the camera around, and I changed the DoF. I liked this one best as the flag drifts in and out of focus nicely--you can even see all the thread detail in the field of blue! If I remember correctly, I think this shot was used in the interactive webpage used to showcase the D80 shooters (myself, Joe, Heather, and Donald).


Iphone: The Beekman

Frank Gehry's latest and greatest addition to the New York City skyline--The Beekman. Shot and processed with the Iphone.