Hasselblad H4D-40 NYC Featured Photographer for July-August

I have the good fortune to have been selected by the kind folks at Hasselblad as New York City's H4D-40 featured photographer for July-August. For a month starting now, I am in possession of a brand new H4D-40 and have been tasked with putting the camera through its paces as I go about my shooting. Over the year, there will be 12 featured photographers as part of "join.shoot.share" program here in NYC. I'm the third shooter. At the end of the 12 months, Hasselblad will be giving one of us of the camera. For keeps.

As part of my drive to bring home the Hasselblad, I will be shooting with the camera and posting images and stories to the HassyNYC website. So head on over there, see what I'm up to, and leave some comments!

I've never shot medium format or Hasselblad before, but I'm excited to do both for the first time in such a big way.

Special thanks to Jim Rooney from Hasselblad for trusting this butterfingers with your gear and Elizabeth Stacy from Fotocare in NYC for the crash course in using the camera and software.

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