Vintage Camera: Nikon F100

I was just saying a few posts ago that it had been a long time since I posted any videos. You know what? Its been even longer (I think) since I posted a new vintage camera. That being said, I return with a blockbuster! Just purchased using my secret (not anymore) Ebay bidding strategy of mostly bidding on auctions that end on or around holidays when people are gathered together far from their screens, I picked up this juicy Nikon F100 for $125 a few days back. Widely considered to be one of the best ever film SLR cameras and the more affordable version of the legendary F5, I'm pretty stoked to add one to the arsenal for those days when I feel like getting back to basics and "regressing" to film.


  1. congrats!! haven't used that one but i love my f4s to death. i'm hoping to "regress" some more very soon. :)

  2. i learned photography on digital cameras and now i'm trying film here and there.