Michael Schmidt, Photographer and Friend

The only known existing photo of Timothy Schenck, by Michael Schmidt.

My good friend, LA-based photographer Michael Schmidt has been chosen by the wise people from Hasselblad to be part of a really great "viral" promotion for the new H4D-40. Mike has been given their new wundercamera for a month and has been tasked with putting it through its paces. During his allotted time, he will be shoot, blog, tweet, flickr, FB, and post to a Hasselblad site about working with the H4D-40.

Congratulations Mike! Sounds a lot like the experience I had with the Nikon D80. Unlike my experience (where I got to keep my D80 as part of the deal), Mike will have to shoot the lights out and beat out a number of other photographers from across the country in order to earn the right to keep the H4D-40 (they're only giving away one).

Mike is not an easy photographer to classify. He shoots mostly fashion during the day but he lives the art of photography and you're just as likely to see his work peppered with landscapes, motorcycles, and architecture as you are the latest styles from Paris. Anyway, please do go to HassyLA, check out his work with the H4D-40, and leave him some pithy comments or interesting questions. If you want to see more of his work go to his website or his blog.

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