Antony Gormley's Event Horizon, NYC

If you live in New York City or will be visiting before August 15, 2010, I highly recommend that you get your Shake Shack on and check out Antony Gormley's Event Horizon. Event Horizon, sponsored by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and the City of New York is one of those rare public art projects that's actually engaging and fun for the entire family. 31 life-size body forms of the artist are scattered throughout the park and the surrounding neighborhood. They are on the sidewalks and the tops of buildings. While in Madison Square park, you can see dozens of the figures if you scan your environment. Try to find all 31 figures. I found this guy (above) watching over the area northeast of the Empire State Building. The public's reaction to the installation has varied across the spectrum of emotion, ranging from outrage to joy. I personally found the figures to be both inspiring and strangely ominous. Go see this installation and decide for yourself.

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