High Line: Rail's End

Leading edge of High Line Section 2 construction, just north of 29th Street.

Where the completed High Line Section 1 meets the under-construction Section 2 at 20th Street.

I was looking over some recent High Line shots and these two stood out to me. They're not remarkably stunning photographs, but their interest lies in what they show. Refer to the captions for descriptions.

At top, you can see how the High Line walkway is put together, one hunk of concrete after the next. Each individual piece has a location designation and they fit together like puzzle pieces. Electrical conduit runs beneath and there is a drain at right. The worker is walking on the repaired/replaced main structural slab, which has been waterproofed. Once all the pavers and rails are set at this high elevation drainage/root barrier will be laid on top of the slab, soil will be infilled to the bottoms of the rails, and finally plantings will be placed.

At bottom, you can see the stark difference between the completed section of the High Line and the ongoing construction. Of course, as this is the High Line, a rail runs through it providing continuity.

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