Polaroid Duel!

She threw down the gauntlet (or in this instance, a stuffed puppy)! I for one have never allowed the call to duel to fall on deaf ears. As is tradition in such matters, the challenged chooses the weapon and it didn't take long for me to settle on Polaroids. This would be a fair fight, but I thought my choice would give me just enough upper hand to walk away unscathed. I made the presentation of arms. She chose the Close-up, loaded with expired original Polaroid color film and a minimum range of 2 feet. I was left with the Sun 66, loaded with new Impossible PX600 Silver Shade UV+ black frame (which I suppose made me the "bad guy"), and able autofocus. The rules were read aloud so that they were clear to the participants and spectators, and a hush fell over the dueling ground as we prepared to step. We stood back to back, shoulder blades touching. The moment of truth was upon us. One-two-three, we stepped!!!!! We turned and FIRED...

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