Cheryl Dunn's Everybody Street

This past week, The New Yorker posed a bunch of clips from what looks to be a major must see, Cheryl Dunn's Everybody Street. I've had this film on my radar for the better part of the last 6 months and have been eagerly anticipating seeing the entire work. The film was supposed to screen at the Seaport Museum in conjunction with the Alfred Stieglitz exhibit that just closed a week ago, but the screening schedule was never posted. Did I miss it? Please tell me I didn't.

When it does finally hit screens, I'm gonna load up on the popcorn and enjoy what promises to be a photographer's delight. Ms. Dunn has assembled a who's who of living NYC street legends and up-and-comers who share their insights on living and working in our great city. Check out the clips below for a sampling from legends Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Gilden, and Ricky Powell (all courtesy of The New Yorker) who are among the many shooters featured in the film. All of these people just ooze personality and you get a sense of how they work even in the short clips. Be prepared for musings on the photographer-subject relationship, some true NYC characters, in your face shooting, and tons of unforgettable images.

Go see Everybody Street when it opens!

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