Levi's Photo Workshop (the Yearbook)

It's been almost a month since the beloved Levi's Photo Workshop down on Wooster Street closed the doors after a roaring month-and-a-half run as a popup store in the old Deitch Projects space. I can't describe what a cool place this was--you just had to be there to get what it was all about. I met lots of other photographers here and made a few large prints for free.

I know the whole idea of the workshop is that it was temporary, but I would have loved to see it stay indefinitely. Bravo to Levi's and the other sponsors for opening this space and creating something special!

Anyway, these dudes called Hamburger Eyes (gotta love the name) put together a nice little recap yearbook that includes selections from the Every Photographer in New York project and photos from events and happenings at the Workshop.

You can get the general gist of how the workshop functioned from the video. The print version of the yearbook was handed out to those who went to the closing party, but you can also download it. I've taken the liberty of giving you a selection from the Every Photographer in New York project yearbook pictures (below).

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  1. We would love to have a few hard copies of the yearbook. My husband, Jeffery Minnish, is pictured. We visited the workshop in October, but since we live in Raleigh, it is not possible to get our hands on the book. We were told the only way to get one is to visit the Meatpacking Levis on 14th Street. Anyone out there feeling generous? We'd pay shipping/time for anyone willing to grab a few copies and pop them in the mail for us.

    ~ Christina Minnish