High Line Section 2: Race to the Finish

Carpentry and ironwork at the 22nd Street Seating Area.

Job boxes at 26th Street portion of the Woodland Flyover.

The Woodland Flyover.

Plantings just south of the Woodland Flyover.

Welding/cutting at the north end of the Woodland Flyover.

No tradesman's toolbox is complete without a "bucket'o'shit".

I've decided to feature the High Line all week on the blog. Here's the first installment, some very recent photographs of the trades as they race to get things done while the weather is favorable. Section 2 is buzzing from end to end these days. Planting continues along the length of the line, the wood seating is being installed at the 22nd Street lawn/seating steps, the raised walkway at the Woodland Flyover and 26th Street Viewing Spur is almost walkable, and the elevator support steel at 30th Street is almost finished.

At this stage in the construction, its possible to get a feel for what walking a finished Section 2 will be like--and that's pretty exciting. Let me be the first to tell you based on actually walking it, Section 2 will provide more of the same wonderment and excitement that you've come to expect from the High Line, but the way it delivers these sensations is ever-changing (and that's the genius of the design and what will ultimately make Section 2 as much of a design hit as Section 1). The plantings and features evolve from Section One (just as the neighborhood changes as you walk from the Meatpacking District north through Chelsea) and the way that the design accomplishes this is just wonderful.

As seen on Curbed and mentioned by Mixed Greens.

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