High Line Section 2 Aerials

I shot High Line construction yesterday morning. When you've been shooting the same project as long and as often as I have with this one, you're always trying to find a new perspective, something that you didn't capture before. Sometimes that means getting in close and capturing overlooked details. Yesterday it meant getting a little elevation to really illustrate the scope of the project and the work at hand. I'm always pleased with the way that these aerial shots turn out, especially with the hard morning sun and shadows.

In these three shots, taken from a rooftop on 26th St, you can see the Section 2 work coming together. Look carefully and you can see the rail and walkway snaking their way north in addition to portions built and waiting to be built of one of the most exciting features of Section 2, the Woodland Flyover. I'll post some park level shots of this construction next week.

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