Beach Stairs, 2010

Typology: Beach Stairs, Montauk NY, 2010. (Click to enlarage)

I just got back from a well-deserved mini-vacation weekend in Montauk. My goals were spending some quality time with the wife, getting in a few miles on the bike, laying on the beach, floating on some waves, relaxing by the pool, eating good food, and catching up on some World Cup games. Mission accomplished on all accounts! My only regret is that I couldn't will England and the USA on to the quarterfinals--but I was OK with that after a few Red Stripes.

Montauk is at the east end of the South Fork of Long Island. I'm a North Fork guy for the most part but Montauk has forced me to reconsider. There is only one road into town, and the place, although only a few miles from the Hamptons, is worlds away from the stuffiness and scenesters of Southampton and East Hampton. Everyone is down to earth and the place exudes classic Long Island/New England charm.

Walking the beach between town and Ditch Plains, there is a lot to catch your eye-the great blue Atlantic, beautiful girls on a stroll, amazing sea cliffs, and surfers jockeying for the next ride. Any of those attractions would make for some memorable photos, but the subject that I found most interesting and photogenic may be the least expected--the humble beach stair.

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