Wee High Line construction in New York City

Ongoing construction of the High Line as seen from 30th St. This is where Section 2 is to be completed in 2010/2011 and Section 3 construction is to begin at a time TBD (when everyone sorts out what is happening at the West Side Yards). At midframe, you can see where the 30th St. access stairs will be. At bottom left is an architectural slab cutaway that will let pedestrians see through the High Line--pretty cool.

I took this shot on a windy, cold morning from the very tip top of the new high rise apartment building (did I say windy) on 30th St, then turned the scene into a tilt-shift mini in PS.

As seen on the High Line Blog.

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  1. if you use a smaller aperture, you should be able to get more depth of field...