Architectural Study: Jacob Javits Center (Pei Cobb Freed & Partners), 1986

"Jacob, Jacob Javits I'd like to thank you for everything/Primarily your glass house."--Pavement

The Javits Center was undertaken in 1979 to reposition New York in the highly competitive national trade show industry while encouraging development in an underutilized part of midtown Manhattan along the Hudson River.

The 1.6 million s/f building (triple the size of the Coliseum, New York's former exposition facility) was designed to house the world's largest exhibition hall under a single roof. It contains offices, shops, varied dining, storage, service areas, over 100 flexible meeting rooms and advanced communications systems including the simultaneous translation of multiple languages. All of these components are organized around a glazed urban room of great size yet delicate space-framed construction.

With its 1,000-foot long public concourse, 15-story Crystal Palace, Galleria and 1.1-acre outdoor plaza, the Javits Center transformed the traditional notion of a convention center from a large windowless box cut off from everything around into a welcoming public building integrally related to the surrounding city. The project's full significance lies as much in its monumental public spaces as in the exhibition halls they surround. Funded by the taxpayers and executed with their interests firmly in mind, the Javits Center remains the largest and most important public building undertaken in New York City in more than half a century. (From the website of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners)

I enjoy the Javits Center as long as I'm looking up! What do you think about the space?


  1. So that's what the "glass house" Malkmus was referring to looks like.

  2. The Javits Center is able to host an entire event in a single building. It offers quality service, convenience, conference attendees and exhibitors information at all times during the event. There is also parking near Javits Center for you to choose.