I'm back from a much needed vacation, some R+R in South Florida. I did a little shooting while enjoying the warm weather and I'll be posting some shots from my trip over the next few weeks. It was great to be outside and not have to wear multiple layers!

While in Florida, the weather was perfect for shooting with the SX-70 and the
Impossible Project's PX-70 Color Shade Push film. Go to their site to learn why they are called "the Impossible Project" and read about their endeavors to recreate Polaroid instant film--it a very interesting story. As a product in development the film is very sensitive and shoots best at 65-75 degrees. You should also try to cover and warm it just after shooting in order to prevent color shifting. Sounds like a pain, right? Actually not so much and I have to say that it was fun to get into the process of making real pictures (not digital). Here is the first shot. Funny how you can find a little piece of NYC wherever you go...

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