Centre Pompidou is one of those buildings that people either love or hate. Its like someone took a traditional building, turned it inside out, and color coded it for your enjoyment. The Centre, designed by Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and Gianfranco Franchini gets nothing but love from me!

The Centre's architects designed the building on the lines of an "evolving spatial diagram". The Centre Pompidou's designers aimed to maximise spatial movement and flow to foster an interdisciplinary approach.

Color-coded ducts are attached to the outside of the building: blue for air; green for fluids; yellow for electricity cables; and red for movement and flow (elevators) and safety (fire extinguishers).

Movement and flow
The priority was to maximise functional movement and flow, freeing up internal space by building the ducts and conveyance systems (stairs, elevators etc.) on the outside.

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